Public Product Roadmap

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Note: Check out our product updates space for things we've recently released.

Welcome to Altar Live's public roadmap!

You can find a summary of the capabilities we plan to introduce below. The roadmap is broken into three categories:

  • In progress: Items in this section are being implemented right now, and should be available soon.
  • Planned: Items in this section have been planned, and will be promoted to the "in progress" section once development begins.
  • Considering: Items that we're considering, that will need to be planned.

In Progress:

  • [Analytics] First-Time Member Report
  • [Analytics] Detect Member Sign-Up Source
  • [Events] Ability to change between rows and tables in the auditorium


  • [Events] Ability for Hosts to Change the Countdown Timer when moving between the Lobby and Auditorium
  • [Analytics] Report the Length of Time Users Remained in Event
  • [Analytics] Include Max Concurrent Users on the Dashboard
  • [Interactions] More Visible Chat Notifications
  • [Interactions] Ability to Customize the Login Flow
  • [Interactions] Ability to Force the Join Us View to all Anonymous Attendees
  • [Chat] Keep draft chat message saved even if the user clicks to another tab
  • [NEW] Separate out Main Greeter from other Greeters in Event Editor


  • [NEW] Progressive Polling
  • [NEW] Ability to Add/Remove Seats at Tables
  • [NEW] Create an Open API
  • [Interactions] Ability to Assign Specific Greeter to First-Time Guests
  • [Interactions] Notify Hosts of First Time Guests
  • [NEW] Ability to reply with threads in the chat
  • [NEW] Ability to attach and send files in chat

Please note: This list is an outline of things that we plan to release. Altar Live is an agile organization with priorities that can change. And we will reflect those changes in this list. This is not an exhaustive list of all the things we plan to work on. There are smaller enhancements and fixes that are not covered here. Thanks for your understanding!