A new kind of online event

Boost participation and interaction online.

Host seamless and interactive services and events. Designed for faith communities, Altar Live allows your online participants to freely connect with one another over video-conference. Every feature has been designed with real people, ministries, and communities in mind.

3 Easy Steps

How it Works

Create an event.

Connect your live stream player or stream provider.

Paste the event link to your website or send it out.

Use what your already have

Stream Integration

Altar Live turns your one-way broadcast into an interactive, social experience. To stream your service, all you need to do is copy and paste the live stream url into your Altar Live event. The platform supports almost all video players. Connect your stream directly from Vimeo, Zoom, Facebook, or YouTube, and currently from certain stream providers. Learn more about stream integration.

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create a welcoming Environment

Greet Early Arrivals

Create a hospitable and welcoming experience for regular attendees and new people. Assign members of your community to the hospitality team online. Hospitality team can see as member joins and greet them by name. Early arrivals to your service can see announcement slides, start chatting with other members or select a seat to be a part of watch party.

Worship in community

Worship in small groups

Join a worship service or event with one click. No need to download any software, plugins or extensions. Navigate through a link to join the service in a browser or on the Altar Live mobile app.

Worship with other people

Grab a seat

Before and during a service or event, online participants can click on the seat view to find people to “sit with”. When a member clicks on a seat, they are joined into a watch party with the other participants in that row. Members can search the list of others online to see who has indicated that they are open to joining a watch party, and who is already seated.

choose who to talk with

Move freely to talk with other people

Enjoy having organic conversations with people online! The lobby allows online participants to move freely between tables with one another. People can see who is seated, and chose to join a table to join or invite someone to sit with them. Participants can also choose to lock a table for private conversations.

See and Be Seen

Talk with other people

Joining a table allows members to seamlessly jump into a video-conference session together. Users can easily talk and see one another, with no lag time.

See who is engaging with you

Robust Viewer Analytics

Altar Live allows you to see beyond just the number of views. Get insight into who is watching, how many new people and returning members joined, what people interacted with, and more.

No barriers to entry

Accessible on any device

Accessible with one click on web browser. No downloads or plugins needed. Download the Altar Live apps to iOS and Android mobile or tablet devices to join and participate on your phone.

Coming Soon

Future Features

• Private mode
• Polls
• Q&A
• Virtual classrooms
• Panel discussions
• Video-conference meetings
• Slides & Presentation Tools