Meet people where they are

Participate in a church event from anywhere

Watch a church event from anywhere with one click.
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Join a service or event from anywhere

Watch a church service with one click. No need to download any plugins or extensions. All you have to do is open the Altar app and watch any church event, or navigate through a link to watch the service in a browser. Easy access for both community members and first-time visitors.

Sing along, read along & follow along

Slides, song lyrics & virtual bulletin

Slides, song lyrics, and the order of service can all be created ahead of the event and are displayed side by side the live stream video.*


Small group &
1:1 chat

Chat with people watching virtually while they are watching. Start private messages or create group messages. Conversations don’t end when the event does so you can continue chatting with people after the program ends, and pick up where you left off at any time*.

DO more together

One calendar for all your hybrid events

Church community members can see all your upcoming events with a virtual option and join directly in the same platform. Use Altar for all your events and give members the ability to create an event or meeting themselves. Because everyone scan see the same calendar you don’t have to worry about conflicting events.

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Meet people where they are and bring church to them.

Church is bigger than a building. Make the commitment to hybrid ministry

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