Live stream with confidence

Produce a church event from anywhere

Altar makes camera toggling and live streaming so easy, anyone can do it.
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go live anytime, anywhere

Host virtual or hybrid events

Easily turn any in-person event into a two-way live stream, or create a completely virtual event. Edit event details, chose camera and audio inputs, decide who needs to be on camera, and create slides.

Anyone can have an active part

Toggle cameras from anywhere

Set up multiple cameras in the sanctuary, in a home, or even outside and connect them through WiFi. Easily toggle between cameras to create a seamless viewing experience for the audience. Control the audio and video of presenters so they don’t have to worry about being on or off.


Create follow-along slides side-by-side

When you set up an event, you can create a slide deck directly in Altar and control the slides during the live event from to producer tablet. We also integrate with Powerpoint, ProPresenter, and Google Slides.*


Choose your audio sources

Maintain high quality sound by connecting microphones or audio sources directly through WiFi, or connect audio through the soundboard by wire.

DEcide who can do what

Flexible permissions

You decide the level of accessibility of each virtual events and who gets permissions. Decide whether you want the event open to anyone, all church members, or specific members only.

recording has never been so easy

Automatic recording of audio & video

Have you ever forgotten to hit record on a Sunday service or important church meeting? We know how that feels, and it doesn’t have to happen again. When you start an event in Altar, it will automatically record the event. Turn the editable audio and video files into a podcast or upload them onto your church’s website or YouTube channel for people to watch on their own time.

STAY accessible to anyone

Integrate with other platforms

If your community members are used to watching on a certain platform, meet them where they are. Push your event live through Altar to Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, or your church website, as well as through the Altar app.*

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Meet people where they are and bring church to them.

Church is bigger than a building. Make the commitment to hybrid ministry

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