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Meet Altar Live

Designed for faith communities, Altar Live is an interactive event platform designed for people to attend - not just watch -- church services and events online.

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Lobby & Tables

Organically mix and mingle

Enjoy having organic conversations with people online! The lobby allows online participants to move freely between tables with one another. People can see who is seated, and chose to join a table to join or invite someone to sit with them. Joining a table allows members to seamlessly jump into a video-conference session together. Users can easily talk and see one another, with their video camera on or off.

Best Practices

Watch Altar Webinar with Angela Craig

This webinar will give you an overview of the Altar platform and insights into new ways you can use this tool engage your community.

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Watch parties

Worship with others

Don't just watch church. Go deeper with family and friends by worshiping together. Create or join watch parties to be able to see and talk with another naturally, while you worship together. Join a worship service or event with one click. No need to download any software, plugins or extensions.


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