Add slides


Stephanie Antonucci Leathe

July 30, 2020

The Altar Live slide editor works just like other slide editors you're familiar with, like Powerpoint or Google Slides. Our built-in online slide creator allows your team to collaborate on slides together. You can create worship lyrics, scripture readings, or announcements for people both in-person and online.

The same slides are pushed live from the producer tablet for all audiences, both the people at home and the people in-person. When you create an event, you will be able to navigate to the slide builder to add and edit slides and collaborate on slides with your team. Altar's slide builder also allows you to create a virtual bulletin for your members.

Create slides

  1. After you have created an event, click on the event in your Events & Meetings calendar in your browser.
  2. Click on Edit in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Once you're in the event details, to get to the slide builder click on Next in the upper right-hand corner, or click on Slides in the tabs above event details.
  4. Begin creating your slides!
  5. Give each slide a name. This name will be seen on the virtual bulletin or schedule for the event.
  6. Give each slide a presenter. The presenter who corresponds to the slide should be the one who is presenting the contents of the slide. The name of the presenter will appear next to the name of the slide on the schedule. (i.e. Tom F. is reading scripture. Create a slide with the name Scripture and chose Tom F. as the presenter).
  7. Give each slide an estimated start time. The start time is just a general estimate for the members to be able on the virtual schedule, and for the producer to be able to help stay on schedule during a live event.
  8. Create the contents of each slide by typing in text, edit the fonts and sizes, and uploading pictures.

Add slides

Add slides by clicking on the + Add Slides below your last slide on the left-hand slide sorter column

Remove slides

To remove a slide, click on Remove Slide in the upper right hand corner. Do not click on Remove in the top bar, or you will delete the event.

Adding solid colors and images to slide backgrounds

You can easily change the background of slides by selecting a background color or importing images. In a new event, simply click on the "Background" button in the slide editor bar. Use the color picker to chose a solid background color or upload an image. If you want to remove or return to the default slide, just hit "Reset" in the Background popup window.

Previewing Slides

Because the slides you build in the Altar Live slide editor are responsive, they will wrap both the text and background image to whatever size of device your participants are viewing on. On small devices, background images on center cropped, meaning as the screen size changes, the image will be cut off on the sides, rather than on top and bottom.