Roles in Altar


Stephanie Antonucci Leathe

July 30, 2020

Every person in Altar has a role, and each one has different functions and levels of permissions. Learn more about each role below, and then visit Permissions in Altar for a detailed breakdown of what they can do. There are four main roles in Altar:


An administrator is a member with administrative permissions. This person is able to create, edit, and delete events and meetings, as well as manage members. They can see and edit every meeting and event scheduled in Altar, both public and private, and manage member permissions.


A presenter is any person who has an active role in your live event (person giving the message, reading scripture, singing a song, giving an announcement, etc). Generally, there is one device associated with each presenter, or group of presenters in the same location, so the producer can toggle between presenters. Learn the difference between a camera vs. presenter on the producer app.


A producer manages all the video and audio feeds on the producer tablet during a live event. They start and end the event via the producer app, toggle between videos, forward slides, and control members videos and audio.


Participants are the people watching your live event on a browser or device. These can be first-time visitors or regular attendees. Participants can chat with one another, see slides, and see the video feeds of other members also watching. Learn the difference between guests and member permissions.