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"Altar Live has created a digital platform that puts community first. That’s a huge value for us at FaithTech, and we saw Altar Live deliver on it. They’ve uniquely combined church livestreaming and personal interactions unlike any other platform I’ve seen. They go beyond broadcasting the church service and make the personal connections and shared experiences possible again. During the Pandemic and beyond, Altar Live should be every church’s go-to digital platform."

Grow your online church

Reach more people, more meaningfully

With no barriers to entry, Altar makes it easy to Invite your next door neighbor or a friend on the other side of the country. Joining an event as a first-time visitor is less intimidating than a big Zoom video conference session of strangers and more welcoming than a one-way Facebook stream. Easily engage newcomers online and make them feel welcome and known in your community.

One platform for everything

Host all your online events in one place

Use Altar Live 7 days a week - small groups, prayer meetings, or social gatherings can all be hosted on the same platform. No more sending people different links for different platforms. With so many use cases, Altar is atool for dynamic community building and discipleship.

Do more than streaming

People stay longer & want to come back

Overcome digital fatigue with a new and more organic way of gathering online. This is not your average live stream event. People stay longer on events where they are personally engaged with not just the content, but other people in the event. And the best part? People come back to events where they feel known and seen.

Hospitality team

Create a welcoming experience for first-time and returning participants online by assigning people to your online hospitality team.

Join an event with

No sign up, software, or plugins, required. Click on an event link and open a new tab on your browser or apps on mobile.

See meaninful analytics

Get insight into real engagement statistics: attendance, interactions, and new attendees.

Stay accessible,
but secure

Anyone can join an event, but are required to log in or sign up to use video conference features. You can have peace of mind with our security settings.
Designed for Engagement

See how Altar compares

Altar brings together the best features of all your favorite platforms to reimagine how churches gather online.

Engage your community

Live & pre-recorded live stream
Video conference
Accessible for visitors
Interact with polls and chat
Intentional hospitality
Easy to set up and run
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We are a team of entrepreneurs, software engineers, and people of faith. Over the past 9 years our team has built 40+ apps with over 3 million downloads. Our combined experience allows us to build exceptional and creative technology, with a customer-centric focus. With a battle-tested track record, our development team is agile and responsive.

We design in partnership with the people we build software for - churches, ministries, and faith communities. Our philosophy is that best applications are both beautiful, elegant and also feel familiar. This experience and passion is shared by our team of passionate innovators, designers and builders headquartered in Boston, USA.