About Us

The Altar story.

"Wouldn't it be great if faith communities could do more than just one-way broadcast style services?"

This is the question we asked ourselves after months of driving past signs announcing how you can join church services online. We are a team of technology entrepreneurs, During COVID-19, church communities have stepped up to the task of moving online, and they have done so with great creativity. Beyond this season, a new kind of ministry is emerging: hybrid church. Hybrid means including people both in person and virtually, as full participants, not just occasional online viewers. But we noticed that churches didn't have the tools to do hybrid. They had to chose between either one-way live stream or two-way video conferencing.

So began building the solution we wish existed: a more authentic way to do virtual.

At Altar, we've built the tools to make hybrid ministry easy. We believe that virtual church participation doesn’t just have to be a survival tactic, but an opportunity to imagine a new kind of creative ministry. Hybrid allows your church to be inclusive and accessible to anyone. Online and in-person participants aren't just viewers, but can all fully participate with one another. Church members are more than a number of viewers, so lets your community be seen and see others. And finally, technology doesn't have to be a headache. We built Altar to be the kind of platform we would want to use ourselves: simple and elegant, with all the live-stream features that you want and none of the features that you don't need.

Altar lets you do more than just live stream your service on a regular basis. It allows an immune-compromised person to read scripture in the service from home. It allows someone on a work trip to still be able to join their men's Bible study from afar. It allows your in-person participants to pass-the-peace to their friends online.

Let's connect people, no matter where they are.

-The Altar Team