altar vs zoom | 2021 Comparison

We built Zoom for Church.

Imagine if Zoom was built for your church. One account for your entire organization, with no limit to number of meetings, webinars and events happening at the same time. Video-conferencing built for churches.

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  • One account for your entire team
  • Attendees choose tables & breakout rooms
  • Watch video files easily as a group together
  • Browser-based meeting
  • Multiple concurrent events
  • Unlimited virtual office rooms


  • One account required for each person
  • Host has to create breakout rooms
  • Share screen decreases quality of videos
  • Desktop download required
  • Single event at a time
  • One virtual office room per account

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Accessible on any device

Browser-based meetings

Use Altar Live 7 days a week - small groups, prayer meetings, or social gatherings can all be hosted on the same platform. No more sending people different links for different platforms.

events feel natural

Attendees move freely between breakout tables

The Host doesn't have to do all the work - let your attendees choose which breakout tables and rooms they want to join! People can move freely between groups, and the Host can easily pull everyone back together when needed.

Share content with everyone

Easily watch a video together as a group

Screen share on most platforms has terrible audio quality. On Altar, you can easily share a video or audio file for everyone to watch or listen to at the same time. Watch a high-quality video together and then discuss afterwards!


More features you'll love

Need to host three small groups, a staff meeting, and a volunteer training all at the same time? No problem. Pay for one account to get unlimited and concurrent events & meetings.

Unlimited personal
meeting rooms
Host multiple meetings
at the same time
Web browser based and mobile app supported

We Built Zoom For Church

With everything you expect from video-conferencing, plus so much more, it's a no-brainer switch to Altar Live.

Altar Live

Host synchronous meetings, webinars & events

No time limits on meetings

Up to 500 attendees in a meeting*

Lobby with breakout tables & rooms

Attendees can move freely between groups

Host controls over attendee microphone & video

Web browser based

Mobile app supported

Unlimited virtual office & personal meeting rooms


Watch video and audio files easily as a group

Meeting recordings*

Logo & sub-domain customization


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