July 1, 2020

For now, online church is the new norm, but eventually people will start meeting together again. Will churches stop offering an online option to participate? Just like church websites, the option to participate in church virtually is about to become a standard.

October 9, 2020

Well, Grandma went to Woodstock... Covid has uncovered all sorts of surprises about the church. Seniors are more ready for online church than you might have thought.

Product Updates

Product Update: Chat

Altar Live now allows your members to connect, check in, and catch up with one another before, during and after the live event though chat.

Product Update: Event Buffer Time

When you create an event and define the start and end time, you can also add buffer time to give your team peace of mind so they can do sound checks, run-throughs, and feel prepared to go live.

Product Update: Slide Background Images & Colors

You can easily change the background of slides by selecting a background color or importing images.

Product Update: Turn an Online Viewer into a Presenter

Even if you haven’t made someone a presenter in the set up process, the producer can bring one or multiple people watching online into the main live video feed at any time during the event!

Product Update: Adding Pre-Recorded Videos

You can now add pre-recorded videos and images to your slides!