10 Essential Tools for Pastors in the Digital Age

Discovering the Best Apps for Pastors

In the quickly evolving digital age, pastors need to harness the power of technology to support their ministries effectively. We understand that finding the right tools can be a daunting task, which is why we've curated a list of 10 must-have applications and resources for pastors (along with examples for each). These digital tools will help streamline various aspects of your pastoral duties and enhance your ability to connect with your congregation in meaningful ways. 

We’ll explore a myriad of innovative apps that have revolutionized the way pastors can connect with their congregations, streamline administrative tasks, and enhance their spiritual journey. Join us as we dive deep into a selection of cutting-edge apps that are reshaping the landscape of pastoral work.

1. Church Management Software (ChMS)

A robust Church Management Software (CMS) is the backbone of your ministry. These applications offer a centralized platform for managing church membership, scheduling events, and handling finances efficiently.  They also provide a way to reach out to congregation members about important information such as upcoming events, new series, and ministry opportunities. 


  • Planning Center Services: This versatile CMS allows you to plan services, schedule volunteers, and manage your church's resources seamlessly.  From childcare check-ins to follow-ups, Planning Center has a solution to make sure everyone receives a warm welcome to your community.

2. Sermon Preparation Tools

Crafting inspiring sermons is a vital aspect of pastoral work. Long gone are the days of needing to fill your bookshelf with thousands of dollars worth of books just to cross-reference a term or find supporting verses (although you’re more than welcome to if you’d like). 


  • Logos Bible Software: This comprehensive Bible study tool provides access to an extensive library of Biblical resources, commentaries, and research tools.  It can also integrate your existing physical library into its search system and sync with your mobile devices.
  • Olive Tree Bible App: A mobile-friendly Bible app with various translations and study materials for on-the-go sermon preparation.  You can sync the app between various devices so you never lose your notes or highlights.  The app also offers commentaries and resources through its in-app store.

3. Small Groups Meeting Software

In recent years, churches have realized that having an online space for small groups to meet is essential.  Not only does it open the doors for members who might not otherwise be able to physically attend, but it also makes your groups more accessible to everyone - including those who might not be comfortable showing up at the house of someone they just met.


  • Altar Live: Imagine if you had one link you could send to every congregation member, once, that gave them access to your church’s small groups. That’s Altar Live. Using landing pages, churches can create one customizable destination for all their small groups.  No more Zoom account sharing, no meaningful conversations cut short by time limits, and most importantly, more space to engage.

4. Social Media Management

Effective communication on social media is crucial for reaching your congregation and beyond. A skillfully posted image or post can encourage your congregation as they go about their lives, and can create an easy way for them to share the message with their friends and family.  


  • Buffer: Simplify your social media posting schedule and track your engagement with this user-friendly tool.  They offer both paid and free plans - a great way to get started without having to dive head-first into the world of social media planning.
  • Hootsuite: This service helps you manage multiple social media accounts and schedule posts so you can maintain a consistent online presence. Hootsuite can also recommend ideal scheduling times so you can be confident in your post’s impact.

5. Prayer and Devotion Apps

Your community shouldn’t stop being a community once they leave your building. Even when physically apart, your community can still share in faith and fellowship. Prayer and devotion apps are a great way to keep everyone connected and refreshed throughout the week.


  • YouVersion Bible App: This app offers various Bible versions, devotional plans, and a vibrant online community.  You can even create a page for your own church with a reading plan so your members can study the word together.
  • PrayerMate: Help your congregation organize their prayers with this intuitive prayer app.  Your church or organization can also publish newsletters with prayer points to keep everyone involved.

6. Video Streaming Platforms

Live Streaming services are invaluable for reaching a broader audience.  With live streaming, your services can reach across communities, regions, and time zones.  When choosing a live streaming platform, it's important to choose a platform that is easy to use, easy to share and keeps people engaged.


  • Altar Live: This platform brings a new level of engagement to your livestream.  In addition to features such as chat and announcements, audience members can sit in rows to watch the stream while both seeing and talking with each other.  After the stream, everyone can move everyone to a virtual Lobby to keep the engagement going.

7. Email Marketing Platforms

You have important information to share, such as upcoming events, missionary updates, and service opportunities. Email marketing platforms allow you to stay connected with your congregation and send out newsletters effectively.


  • Mailchimp: A popular email marketing platform, Mailchimp is known for creating visually appealing emails and managing subscriber lists. They also offer plans that allow for SMS communication and writing assistance.
  • Constant Contact: A user-friendly software is a tool for sending updates, event invites, and inspirational messages to your church community.  They also offer social media, SMS, and other content management.

8. Podcasting Tools

Podcasts are an excellent way to share your sermons and reach a wider audience.  With just a little editing, you can turn your already recorded sermons into on-the-go-ready podcasts.  Or, if you’d like to go deeper, create content to widen the scope of your sermon throughout the week.


  • Anchor: Now part of Spotify, Anchor is a free podcast hosting platform that allows you to easily record and distribute your sermons.  If you’re looking for a risk-free way to see if podcasting is right for your church, Anchor is the way to go.
  • Libsyn: This podcast hosting service is known for its reliability and analytics tools. They offer plans that include audio and video podcast hosting, along with a promotion scheduler for your socials.

9. Financial Management Software

Even though it isn’t what we usually highlight when discussing church, financial management is crucial to keep your ministry running smoothly. Financial management software can help you ensure your church's financial matters are well-organized and accurate.


  • QuickBooks: This example is a widely recognized accounting software for managing church finances and budgets. QuickBooks also offers integrations with giving platforms to make balancing the books even easier.
  • Aplos: A specialized fund accounting and church management platform designed for non-profits. Built with these unique financial situations in mind, Aplos offers special tools, software, and even advising specifically for churches.

10. Online Giving Platforms

Over the years, more and more churches have adopted online giving options.  Online giving allows church members to give without writing checks or having cash on hand - no matter whether they’re in person on Sunday morning, watching live, or away on vacation. Using the right giving platform, you can simplify the process of giving for your church members.


  • Tithe.ly: This example is an easy-to-use giving platform that offers mobile giving, text giving, and online giving options. Tithe.ly also offers features for integration with your existing system, such as manual-card entry and check scanning.
  • Givelify: A mobile giving app that allows donors to give conveniently, Gifelify allows members to donate whether in person or online. Gifelify prides itself on speed (next-day deposits) and non-pushy donation tactics.  

Wrapping Up

In today's digital age, it's vital for pastors to harness the power of technology. The tools and applications mentioned in this article are invaluable for streamlining your ministry, enhancing communication, and connecting with your congregation effectively. By utilizing these digital resources, you can ensure that your ministry thrives in the modern world and continues to make a profound impact on the lives of your community. Embracing the digital age can be a scary first step, but it can also equip you to fulfill your spiritual duties, provide valuable support to your church community, and empower your pastoral work.

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