Product Updates

Every week you can look forward to new new features
& recently squashed bugs in Altar Live!

February 27, 2021

Backend optimization for big results

This was a big week for optimization across the Altar Live platform. We worked on reducing data consumption needs, server distribution, and client processing power. In everyday English, this means you will see more stability in both chat and video conferencing. Read on for more specifics on what we did to the backend!

5 Improvements
  • Improved client processing power, reduced data consumption needs, and increased global communication servers coverage
  • No length limit to General Chat messages
  • General Chat optimization for larger groups
  • Facebook profile pictures no longer shown as broken
  • Ongoing event label will show on event card again

February 19, 2021

Seamless transitions

2 Features • 2 Improvements

Some weeks we don't have as many updates to share because we are busy working on our next big releases behind the scenes. While this is a lighter week of updates, we did make some improvements to the flow of events in Altar Live.​

  • Banner countdown when Host moves everyone from Event to Lobby
  • General chat is now enabled 60 minutes before the event begins
  • No longer required to add a profile picture when creating an account
  • Fixed error when inviting people with your community link

February 10, 2021

Significant improvements to stability

3 Features • 7 Improvements

Whether you created an account in Altar Live a day ago or have been with us since our launch, you know that we have been hard at work to continually stabilize the video-conference. We are excited to announce that today we released some significant updates in Altar Live. These are the first of many that will be rolling out in the coming weeks. Check out all the stability updates:

  • Video disconnection will fix itself
  • Seeing and hearing other people
  • Member names not appearing on the list
  • Resinated ability to add yourself as Host/Greeter
  • Event creation options simplified
  • Sent messages are now grouped
  • Member list updates when anonymous users log in
  • Notifications icon for unread direct messages
  • Date/time tooltip to sent messages
  • Member no longer showing the wrong name

February 6, 2021

A brand new look

3 Features • 4 Improvements • 1 Known Issue

After months of hard work behind the scenes, we're thrilled to introduce you to our new design and new sign in flow. This week, we shipped:

  • New community design
  • Find your community search
  • Sign in faster with magic sign in link
  • Restream widget sizing is fixed
  • Show me around Altar tour works again
  • Invite a friend to the Demo
  • Email verification email sends consistently

January 30, 2021

A focus on deleting & fixes

2 Features • 5 Improvements

You asked, and we heard you: deleting events is now available! Some weeks, our product updates are exploding with exciting new features. Other weeks, we focus on fine-tuning existing behavior. Guess which type of week this is? Updates include:

  • Ability to delete events
  • New design for event cards
  • Fixed direct message bug
  • The “send invitation immediately” option is checked by default
  • Upgrade your plan from the event creation flow is responsive again
  • Number of members online label is consistent on all screens
  • Add New Member button is responsive again

January 22, 2021

Ready, set, chat!

2 Features • 3 Improvements

Let the chorus of "good mornings" and "amen's" flow! You now have a way to communicate to everyone on the event in one general chat channel. Chat also got some other updates and bug fixes this week:

  • Tool tips show you what buttons do
  • Cursor jumping is resolved
  • Spinning wheel in chat is gone
  • Live stream errors were addresses

January 16, 2021

Be seen and heard

3 Features • 3 Improvements

We know everyone has a different setup at home. Using an external camera or mic? No problemo - you can now easily change your audio and video input. That’s not the only way we’ve improvement ease of finding, seeing and hearing other participants this week:

  • Find on screen option helps you find seated people
  • Now integrating with Castr
  • Ability to join a table without video permissions
  • Start a new message defaults to only online members
  • Updates to Safari browser compatibility

February 6, 2021

New year, new updates

3 Features • 4 Improvements

New year, new features. This week there’s even more to love about the lobby. Tables can now be named! Name a Prayer Table or Welcome Table, or the Donut-lovers Table. Go crazy. But that’s not all that’s new this week:

  • More streaming integrations
  • Edit you profile during an event
  • New look for event titles
  • Go attend an event at another church
  • Greeters can chat with visitors
  • Upload even more pre-event slides

February 24, 2021

Tidings of good features

4 Features • 4 Improvements

In our last update of 2020, we come bearing gifts! In this release, you’ll see:

  • Pre-recorded videos synchronized for all participants
  • A new look for the lobby
  • Ability to collapse your table view
  • One minute countdown before event ends
  • New banner notifications

December 11, 2020

Worship together

2 New Features - 1 New Improvement - 2 Known Issues

A whole new way of doing church has arrived. Watch parties are here! You can actually turn to your neighbor online and “pass the peace” or pray with someone in real time over video. But that’s not the only good news:

  • New pew view & video-conference watch parties
  • Easier sign with Google
  • Fully supported on all browsers