Knock, Knock

Host Controls

Wish you could send everyone in the event into a specific Room?Well now you can! To make every Event even more seamless, Hosts can now move everyone from the auditorium to different places in the Event. Hosts can move attendees to Room and Table view or choose a specific Room. Perfect for moving everyone from the service into a prayer room, discussions, fellowship, and more! 

Knock Feature

Add an extra layer of control to your Meetings! Now, when you create a new Meeting, you have the choice to lock your Meeting and have your guests request permission to enter. This feature not only ensures security, it gives hosts full control over their Meetings. 

Duplicate Events 

We fixed the Duplicate Event feature and now you can easily duplicate events for all your ongoing services, events, and gatherings.


We fixed a Recordings bug! We’ve resolved the issue that recordings weren’t stopping when everyone leaves the room. 

Notifications from other Events 

Have you ever gotten message notifications from the wrong event? We fixed this issue so you only receive notifications from the events you are on.