Introducing Engagement Basic

Have you heard?  Altar just released a new subscription that starts at only $9/month!  

That's right, introducing our new subscription tier - Engagement Basic! Now for a fraction of the cost, you can gain access to all the basic features you need to engage your community – because creating a community should be affordable, easy, and engaging.

What do you get with this new subscription?

So glad you asked. With the Engagement Basic plan you get access to:

  • Polls & Announcement features for dynamic and interactive events
  • Chat functions to personally connect with attendees
  • Hosts & Greeter capabilities to welcome, facilitate, and moderate your digital environment
  • An Analytics Dashboard to understand your engagement, track your growth, and get insight into all your key metrics
  • A Customizable landing page to share with your community members for easy access to all your events in one place

How much does it cost?

Good question. The answer: we’re making it affordable.

For only $9 a month, you’ll have access to Altar’s basic engagement features - Polls, Announcements, Chats, Hosts, Greeters, and Analytics.  Plus, you’ll get a customizable landing page to share with your community members for easy access to all your events.  

If you’re ready to pay less than a Basic Netflix subscription for all the essential engagement tools you need, check out the Engagement Basic plan here!

What's the difference between Basic and Plus?

Engagement Basic is intended for communities that are just getting started in the online space. The Engagement Plus plan is for communities looking to take their online engagement even further.

The Engagement Plus plan gives you full access to all of Altar’s engagement features - including rows, tables, lobbies, meetings, and everything else already included in the Engagement Basic plan.  It’s also great for communities looking to eliminate multiple Zoom subscriptions (with Altar, all you need is one subscription for your whole community).

🤔 Need Help figuring out which plan is right for your community? Book a time with one of our engagement consultants!

We hope you're as excited as we are for this new change! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at - and if you want to keep reading, check out this article about How to Know when It's Time to Switch Technology Platforms.