Product Update - Chat Attachments and Bug Fixes

You asked - we delivered! With this product update, we've got some great quality-of-life changes to make the Altar Live experience smoother for both you and your community.

1 New Feature - 3 Bug Fixes

  • New Chat Attachment Button + Fix
  • Announcement Button Creation Bug Fix
  • Chat Moderation (Ability to Delete Messages) Bug Fix

New Chat Attachment Feature

While adding attachments to chat messages had been previously available, it wasn't fully integrated into the chat panel. Now, instead of just dragging and dropping, we've added an attachment button to the message bar - making the attachment process clearer and more straightforward.

Bug Fixes

  • Chat Attachment Color - When sending attachments via chat, we found that the text was too dark to appear against the background (for some it was so dark it didn’t appear to be there at all).  In addition to the new attachment button, this has been fixed - no more mystery attachments!
  • Announcement Button Creation - Previously, some users found that interaction templates containing buttons would repeatedly lose their buttons when making unrelated changes.  This issue has been resolved - if you’d like to learn more about announcements, check out this support article!
  • Chat Moderation (Ability to Delete Messages) - We hope you never have to use this feature, but previously hosts were unable to delete individual messages from the chat. This has been resolved (if you want to learn more about chat safety features, check out this support article).

That’s it for this update, but if you’re looking for even more ways to upgrade your digital church game, check out our blog post on Follow-Up Emails (there are even free templates)!