New Audience Navigation Features!

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It’s been less than a month since our last update, but our team has been busy building new features!  With customizable navigation settings, your events can be tailored even more to your individual community's needs.

2 New Features - 2 Bug Fixes

  • Ability to customize Event Beginning Location
  • Ability to customize Event Ending Destination
  • Fixed ability to delete own account
  • Fixed meeting chat error

Customize Event Beginning Location

Previously, to begin an event at the tables or rooms in the lobby, a host would manually move everyone at the start of the event. Now, you can set events to begin in the auditorium or the lobby - which is perfect for those pre-service coffee conversations, or pre-set worship team prayer circles!

Customize Event End Destination

Instead of always going back to the same place, you can now choose whether users return to the Community Landing Page or another link entirely. This option is great for redirecting users back to your website or even a post-event discussion board so you can continue the conversation even further.

If you want to learn more about customizing event endings and beginnings, you can check out this support article!

Bug Fixes

Previously, non-admin users trying to use general chat received an error message saying that the host had disabled the chat, even though the host had not. This issue has been resolved and all non-anonymous users are again able to use the general chat in meetings.

Users previously attempting to delete their own accounts were given an error message. This issue has also been resolved and users can now delete their own accounts (if they are not the main contact for a community).

That's it for this month! But, if you want to see how a REAL church uses Altar Live, check out our article "Three Ways This Church is Using Altar Live to Increase Engagement"!