New Bug Fixes and Improvements

Over the past month, our team has been busy finding (and eliminating) all sorts of bugs.  From auditorium seating to help buttons, we’ve got several updates that will make your Altar Live experience smoother!

3 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Auditorium Row Overlap
  • Streamlined In-Event Help for Clarity
  • Ability to Delete Personal Account Outside of Community

Auditorium Rows

Previously, some users were experiencing a bug where the rows would appear to be over the main auditorium video.  This issue has been resolved and the rows are back in their appropriate place.

In-Event Help

In the past, every community guest and member had access to our support chat via the help button at the top of an event, or by the chat bubble in the corner.  We found this caused confusion amongst users - especially when looking for event information or prayer lines.  In response, we removed the chat bubble from the corner (don’t worry, if you’re a host or admin it’ll still be there) and linked the existing help button to our support page.  This will help make sure your guests can quickly get their questions answered.  

Account Deletion Update

Recently we found a bug where a user could not delete their account unless they were part of a community.  This is now resolved, and users can delete their accounts at any point.

We also found that the users listed as the main contact for a community could delete their accounts.  This left the ability for an account to exist with no one able to access or even delete it.  Now, users listed as the main contact must make a different user the main contact before exiting the community.  You can find out more about how to do so here.

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