altar vs CHURCH ONLINE | 2021 Comparison

Altar vs Church Online

Altar Live is an interactive live stream and video conference platform designed for faith communities with all the same features as Church Online platform. Do more than just watch church - engage your community online.

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  • Host services, events, small groups & meetings
  • Engage people via chat, polls & Q&A and through virtual tables and video conference watch parties
  • Seamless live stream or pre-recorded video integration with Stream URL or static RTMP
  • Chat in public channel, directly with Hosts, or through direct message
  • Run unlimited and concurrent events

Church Online

  • Host services only
  • Engage people via chat
  • Connect pre-recorded or live video with embed code or stream URL
  • Chat in the public channel or directly with Hosts
  • Run a single event at a time

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Altar Live vs. Church Online
What’s the difference?

Do more than watch church

Create an interactive online experience

Do more than just watch church - deepen engagement and participation. Hosts can use dynamic chat features like polls and Q&A, initiate conversation with anonymous participants, and easily move everyone between the auditorium and the lobby.

connect meaningfully

Engage with people

Connect with people over more than just text-based chat. Altar's built-in video conference features allow you to easily engage with others in watch parties during the live stream or organically mix & mingle with people at virtual tables in the lobby.

One platform for everything

One platform for all your events & services

Build a virtual campus or launch your online ministry on Altar Live. Small groups, prayer meetings, or social gatherings can all be hosted on the same platform. No need to keep sending people different links for different platforms. Plus, you can customize Altar Live to seamless integrate with your church's existing website.

Altar Live Vs. Church Online

Feature Comparison

The Altar Live platform picks up where the Church Online baseline leaves off to create a deeper level of engagement in your online services, events & small groups. Altar is designed to be a seamless end-to-end platform for building an online community. You can create your first event in Altar today in under 30 seconds! Get started today launching your digital ministry.

Altar Live
Church Online Platform

Connect RTMP & HLS feeds

Stream pre-recorded or live videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or custom stream provider

Set viewing permissions

Create unlimited events

Host synchronous events

Attend anonymously or as a logged in member

Public & Host Chat

Direct Messaging

Polls and Q&A

Video conferencing features (watch parties & virtual tables)

Hosts can initiate conversation with anonymous and logged in attendees

Customize your sub-domain, logos, & colors

Fully supported on mobile browsers & Altar Live apps


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