Community Dashboards


Community Dashboards are more accessible than ever! You have the ability to create events and meetings, enter personal meeting rooms that can serve as a virtual office, and learn about ways to boost your online engagement. 

What you can find on your Community Dashboard

Community Dashboards were designed to enhance organization. We want you to easily access every feature. On the Dashboard, you will find

  • Event Creation
  • Meeting Creation
  • Personal Meeting Rooms 
  • Altar Live Support & Engagement Resources

Personal Meeting Rooms 

Need a private virtual office space? We got you covered! On your Community Dashboard, you can set up personal meeting rooms for all of your individual staff or for a standing event. Personal Meeting Rooms remain open and are perfect for a virtual office, daily prayer meetings, or other meeting rooms! 

Online Engagement Support

Want to get the most out of Altar Live? At the bottom of your Community Dashboard are a selection of support tools that will help strengthen your engagement. 

Join the community of others using Altar Live for online engagement!