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3 Features • 3 Improvements 

We know everyone has a different setup at home. Using an external camera or mic? No problemo - you can now easily change your audio and video input. That’s not the only way we’ve improvement ease of finding, seeing and hearing other participants this week:

  • Find on screen option helps you find seated people
  • Now integrating with Castr
  • Ability to join a table without video permissions
  • Start a new message defaults to only online members
  • Updates to Safari browser compatibility

🎉 New Features 

Sound & camera settings

If you're using an external microphone or camera, you can easily adjust your camera and sound settings from within the platform.

Find on screen

Looking for someone else online, but aren't sure where they're seated? Use the Find on Screen option to easily find others.

Castr Integration

You can now directly embed integration from Castr to Altar Live. More live stream platform integrations are coming!

💪 Improvements 

Ability to join a table without video permissions

We've made it easier to take a seat even if you accidentally denied permissions for Altar Live to use your camera. If you've had trouble taking a seat, the most likely reason is because Atlar didn't have permissions to use your camera. Now, even if you haven't allowed camera permissions you are able to take a seat. 

New chat default to only online members

When you start a new conversation with someone, your people list will default to only the other people online.

Updates to Safari browser compatibility

More updates were made to fix compatibility issues across Safari browsers.