Rejoice, Small Screen Users

Adapted to Smaller Screens 

Celebrate because all Altar Live events can be adapted to fit small 13 inch screens! Now, whenever you join any Altar Live event, the screen will automatically fit to the size of your device. 

Hosts/Admins Can Join Full Row or Table

Hosts and Admins are an essential part of facilitating your Altar Live experience and keeping it a safe environment for everyone! Now, a host or admin assigned to an event can join a Table or Row, even if it is already full. If you need to check in on a group for any reason but their isn’t an empty seat, you can still join. 

Deleting a Community 

Need to get rid of a Community? No problem. Now you can easily delete a Community in Settings. 

“Invite Only” Events

Hosting a private staff meeting? Prayer group? Now, when you post an “Invite Only” Event it will only appear in the Events & Meetings list in your Altar Live account instead of your Community Landing Page. No more confusion! 

Poll Panel 

Sending a Poll? We made a few adjustments to ensure that all attendees won’t miss it! Now when you send a Poll, the Poll panel will automatically open for attendees to see and vote. 

Button Change 

We improved the Community Creation flow! The button to make a new Community will now say “Create New Community.”

Password Input Field

We squished a bug! Now when you type in your password, you can press the “tab” button to go to the next input field. 

Android Members

We fixed another Android bug! Android users are included again in the Members tab whenever they join an Altar Event.