May 2021 Product Roadmap

Default events to open on mobile browsers

We'll be improving the logic of joining events on your mobile device, an important step in making Altar events easy and seamless to join - no matter what device you're on! If you click on event link while on your mobile device, it will first open the event in your mobile browser where you can watch and follow along. To use video conferencing, you will be prompted to open the Altar Live app.

New community creation flow

We're simplifying the new community creation process, an important step in making the creation of an online community easy and seamless.

New Events & Meeting screen design on mobile

A sleek new design is coming to mobile, starting with the Events & Meetings screen changing to a darker design.

Social logins on Android & iOS

Once you have the app downloaded on your mobile device, you will easily be able to either log in or sign up with your social login or email address. If you have an account and belong to a community already, you'll be logged right in. If you don't have an account, you'll be able to create one and find a community to join - just like on the web.

Ability to name table from lobby on iOS apps

If you are joining as a Host or Greeter on your iPhone, you will have the ability to rename tables from within the Altar app! If you name a table while on the mobile app, it will update everywhere across all platforms.

New automated greeter message flow

We believe in hospitality, which is why we're improving the automated greeter message flow so your online host team's message inbox is more streamlined.

Uploading pre-recorded video directly to Altar Live

This will be a big release! You will be able to upload pre-recorded videos directly to Altar Live. Once you upload a video file, the system will upload and then transcode the video to optimize your video for attendees on mobile devices and slow internet connections.

Chat notifications

You asked and we heard you - we're working to make it more obvious when you receive chat messages. A chat notification sound and banner notification will appear when you get a new message in either General Chat or My Chats. You will also be able to control your settings, turning your notification banners or sounds off or on.

Chat moderation

Emojis, editing messages, deleting messages, and muting participants in the chat channel. We know that part of the reality of hosting online events is the need to moderate a chat channel. That's why Hosts will soon be able to remove other people's messages and mute specific participants from being able to send messages all together.

Turning Off/On General Chat

If you don't want General Chat to be available on an event, you'll have the ability to turn it off or on. You will also be able to specify when your attendees can start using General Chat before the Event Start Time. Hosts/Greeters can post messages in General Chat at anytime.

Community landing pages

We have been working for several weeks on a new and improved event interface that allows you to seamlessly integrate Altar Live into your existing website. The community landing page will have:

  • Customizable domain
  • Logo
  • Colors

All your Altar Live events will populate on this page so people can easily navigate into your events or back to your website.