Chat, chat, chat

Chat sound & banner notification

How do you know when someone sends your a message on Altar? As of this week, you will not get both sound and banner notifications when you get a new message!

Turn chat notifications on/off

Don't want to get notifications? No worries - that's why we've also added a new bell icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen on a web browser, so you can turn notifications on or off. And the best part is the system will remember your settings next time you join an event!

Chat moderation - ability to delete and edit messages

Moderation chat is an important part of the Host/Greeter's job. That's why we've added the ability for Hosts and Greeters to delete any user's message in chat. If you accidentally made a typo on a message, you can now also edit it. Any user can also edit their own message after it's sent.

Ability to give emoji reactions on chat messages

We all love emojis! As of this week, you can now give an emoji reaction on someone else's message as well.

Side panel stays open when you moved between Lobby/Auditorium

We noticed the side panel was closing when the Host moves everyone between the Auditorium and the Lobby, or vice versa, so we updated the logic to keep that panel open so it's easy to keep your chat panel in full view. It's the little things that matter!