Tidings of good features

Check out what's new!

4 new features

In our last update of 2020, we come bearing gifts! In this release, you’ll see:

  • Pre-recorded videos synchronized for all participants
  • A new look for the lobby
  • Ability to collapse your table view
  • One minute countdown before event ends
  • New banner notifications

🎉 New Features 

Video synchronization

Uploaded (pre-recorded) videos are now synchronized for all members that join the event! Altar Live turns the viewing experience into a simulated live experience. If someone joins after the event has started, their video will begin to play where everyone else is watching. 

New lobby layout

Check out a new look for tables in the lobby!

Collapsed view

To make it easier to move between tables and see who else is seated in the lobby, table view now collapses.

One minute countdown before the event ends

Ending an event is now less abrupt. When the Host ends the event, online participants now receive a 1 minute countdown timer notifying them that the event is ending.

New banner notifications

Banner notifications appear to all participants when the Host moves everyone between the Lobby and Event.