Duplicate Events and Edit Personal Meeting Rooms

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Duplicate Events 

Save time and duplicate standing events instead of creating a new one every time! You can easily duplicate any Altar Live Event or Meeting in your Events and Meetings page; perfect for weekly Bible studies, prayer meetings, and more.

Editing Personal Meeting Rooms 

Need more space in your Personal Meeting Room? Want to make a few changes?  We want you to have agency when it comes to your virtual office. You now have full editing control over your Personal Meeting Rooms. Easily rename, add hosts, increase your attendee limit, and so much more!

Chat Panel Default is closed when entering an Event 

We improved the chat to make your experience even smoother! Now, when you join an Event, the chat panel will be closed. 

Banner Alert if Limit of MAU’s is reached 

Hooray! Your community is growing! Now, when the limit of Monthly Active Users is reached, you will see a banner alerting you to update your account. 

Room Capacity 

We fixed Room capacity! Now, when you create the desired number Rooms for the Lobby, you will be able to fit up to 500 people per Room.

Support Window Display

Got a question? No problem, we are here to help! We fixed the support window to make it easily accessible during all Altar Live Events. 

Avatar Display 

Whew! We fixed the avatar displays! Now when you log into an Event or Meeting, your profile picture will be visible. You can wow us with your glamorous portraits and professional headshots. 

Avatars Exceeding Room Frame

Joining a full room? We fixed the Room page in the Lobby! Now, before you enter a Room, you will see 7 attendee icons and an 8th icon will indicate the number of people in the Room. 

Time Display on the Event Countdown 

We just squished one of those pesky bugs! The time display during an Event countdown is fixed and ready for all your Events and services. 

Unnecessary Slider in the Time Window 

We fixed the Event & Meeting creation flow to make it even more seamless! We took out an unnecessary slider to limit confusion and enhance smoothness in the event creation process.