Pre-Event Screens, Host Titles, and Vimeo API Integration

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Pre-Event Slides 

Pre-Event slides just got a whole lot cooler. Now you have the option to add videos as well! Perfect for pre-recorded announcements, mission trip videos, worship and more! 

Edit Host Titles 

Help your attendees better identify your church’s staff. Now you have the ability to change your Host’s titles depending on their role, like “Pastor” or “Prayer Team”. 

Vimeo API Integration

Celebrate, all Vimeo users! You can now connect your Vimeo account directly to Altar Live. Now, when you host an Event, you can seamlessly stream from Vimeo directly into Altar Live. 

Network Error

On Wednesday this week Amazon servers went down worldwide which briefly affected the ability to create Events and Meetings in Altar Live. If you received a Network error of any kind when creating a Meeting or Event this week, this was the cause. We have since resolved lingering issues caused by the outage.

Issues with joining Events or Meetings

If you have been unable to join an Event or Meeting link and received a “504” error, or something similar, this error is caused by a floating bug with Altar URLs. We’re working to resolve the issue still and will keep you notified.

Find on Screen

We fixed the “Find on Screen'' feature! Now, when you join an Altar Live Event you can easily find other people who are already seated so you can enjoy the event together.