Ban a Chat User, Backgrounds in Meetings, and More

Ban a Chat User

The hospitality team is the heartbeat of every Altar Live event so we want to equip them with the tools they need to ensure a smooth and secure event. Now, Hosts, Greeters, and Admins have the ability to ban a user from using chat. The hospitality team has two options in doing this:

  • Timeout a User: prevent the user from sending messages in General Channel or Direct message for 10 minutes of any event or meeting in this community.
  • Ban a User: prevent the user from chatting in General Channel or Direct Message of any event or meeting in this community for as long as they are banned.

Choose when to enable Chat

We love our hospitality teams and are always looking for ways to improve our host privileges. When you are creating an event or meeting, there is now a checkbox to choose whether you want to allow users to be able to chat up until an hour before the event begins or not. 

Events & Meeting page now defaults to current day

We improved the Events & Meetings page! The page will now default to the current day. If you scroll past the current day, an arrow will appear to bring you back to the current day on the calendar. It’s the little things that matter!

Change your Background in Meetings

Need to hide your background? In a Meeting, you can now change your background to blurry or a nice sunset on the beach.

Attendees List includes Anonymous Visitors

When you download the attendee list after an event evens, the list will now include Anonymous visitors as well.

Chat Scrolls to the End

If you experienced not being able to scroll to the bottom of the chat channel to see recent messages, we have now resolved this issue. 

Troubleshooting Steps for Error Messages 

If you are getting the error message “Cannot Create Meeting/Event: Rows and Tables not allowed,” please your cache. 

You can find instructions for clearing your cache here:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox



Microsoft Edge