Resolving common issues

Each week, we aim to make Altar more intuitive, more stable, and more delightful. With this week's update, we did a lot of work behind the scenes. On your end, you will see improvements!

Stephanie Antonucci Leathe

March 13, 2021

Here's what's new:


  • Event countdown is consistently centered
  • Live stream video height is proportional on big screens
  • Ability to take see pew view even if you have not granted camera/mic permissions

Plus, check out our support guides for resolving common issues on Altar.

💪 Improvements

Live stream video height is proportional on big screens

If you're joining an event on Altar with a larger monitor, like a 2560x1440, the live stream feed will now fit proportionally and fill the screen.

Ability to take see pew view even if you have not granted camera/mic permissions

We've all accidentally clicked Block when our browser asks if we want to give Altar permissions for our camera and microphone. Now, if you deny Altar permissions to access your camera and microphone, you will still be able to click on Select a Seat to Watch with Friends. To be able to actually take a seat, you still have to at least allow Altar to access your microphone. You can easily re-allow permissions! Learn more about how to re-allow permissions for your camera and microphone.

Event countdown is consistently centered

If people click on your event links that are scheduled several days from now, the countdown timer will show as centered. It's the small things we care about!

Resolving Common Issues

With internet-based applications like Altar Live, your internet and network connection play a key role. Our support team is here to help quickly resolve issues. In many cases there isn't an error with the entire underlying system, but instead a network condition that's causing things to not work right.

To make resolving common issues faster, we've gathered helpful guides to quick troubleshooting some of the most common issues. There are several things to check on if you're experiencing network connection issues, or getting a message in your event that you're having network problems.

Check out our Troubleshooting guide, and always feel free to message our support team!

Resolving Joining Issues

Minimum requirements for using Altar Live

My email verification code isn't arriving or does not work

I see a completely blank page

Resolving Video Conference Issues

I can't hear everyone in my row/table

My camera and microphone aren't working

Fixing an echo

I'm having network/connection issues

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