Minimum requirements for using Altar


Andrew Amann

July 30, 2020

If you're curious about Altar's technology requirements, read through the list below to see what browsers and devices we support.

System requirements
An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
Speakers and a microphone – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
A webcam or HD webcam - built-in or USB plug-in
Or, a HD cam or HD camcorder with video capture card
Note: See the list of supported devices.

Supported tablet and mobile device
Surface PRO 2 or higher running Win 8.1 or higher
Note: For tablets running Windows 10, they must run Windows 10 Home, Pro, or Enterprise. S Mode is not supported.
• iOS and Android devices
• Blackberry devices

Supported browsers
Windows: IE 11+,  Edge 12+, Firefox 27+,  Chrome 30+
Mac: Safari 7+, Firefox 27+,  Chrome 30+
Linux: Firefox 27+,  Chrome 30+