Google Analytics, Host Chat, and more

Google Analytics

Track your Altar Live community traffic by connecting your website to our new Google Analytics feature! Google Analytics runs with each Event and is perfect for keeping track of your growing community, attendee experiences, and church needs. 

Default Performance Settings 

To improve our Meetings quality, we adjusted the default performance settings so there will be better support for people with varying wifi connectivity and CPU capacity. 

Host & Greeters Chat Channel 

Connect with your hospitality team! Hosts and Greeters are the lifeblood of every Altar Live Event so we added a chat channel specifically for your hospitality team. When an Event is published, an automatic “Host Team Chat” will be readily available for your team to post updates, check in with each other, and so much more. 

Remove Pre-Event Frames 

We fixed the pre-event frames! Now when you join an Altar Live Event, you will either see pre-event slides or a countdown to the Event. 

Recurring Event

Have you had trouble saving and publishing recurring events? We fixed this issue so you can now successfully plan recurring Events and Meetings in advance.