SPLAT went the Bugs

Raise your flyswatters, it was a successful week of bug-squishing! Now you don’t worry about getting kicked out of the Altar Android app when joining meetings, disappearing chats, or announcement confusion. We patched some critical bugs on Community Landing pages and Meetings.

Maeve Brooks

September 16, 2021

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  • Users are no longer kicked off Android
  • Fixed Greeter chat disappearing for users
  • Red dot showing on Announcements again
  • Polls are opening as expected on

  • Community Landing pages were restored
  • Meetings should not be showing a white page

User Kicked Out 

No need to worry about getting kicked out of the Android app. Now, when you join a Table in a Meeting, you will be able to join successfully and be able to engage with fellow attendees 

Fixed Greeter chat disappearing for users

Have you noticed on Android that the Greeter chat sometimes disappears? Worry no more - we’ve fixed this issue, and any anonymous visitor or logged in user can chat with the Greeter on Android without issue.

Red Dot not shown on Announcements

Missing important announcements? The bug is fixed! From now on, when a host sends an announcement, there will be a red dot in the panel to ensure that all attendees won't miss any  messages.

Open Polls 

Problem with polls? We fixed the polls you will be able to smoothly send a poll and post the panel announcements.

Community Landing Pages restored & Meetings with white screens 

We pushed some updates to the platform that caused Community Landing pages and some Meeting to stop working as expected. Quick fixes were made to both issues and are functioning normally again. We apologize for any inconvenience this temporarily caused!

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