New Scheduled Announcements, Polls, and More!

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We want to equip you with a few new features to make online church engagement even easier! Not only can you now create announcements and poll drafts, but you can schedule them to send automatically during your event - freeing you up to personally engage with your digital community even further.

1 New Feature - 3 Bug Fixes and Updates

  • Scheduled Announcements and Polls
  • Same Camera/Mic permissions for the Auditorium and Lobby
  • Monthly event creation fix
  • Phantom Android users fix

Scheduled Announcements and Polls

Engaging your audience is now even easier with Altar Live!  In addition to using templates for announcements and polls, you can schedule when you want your announcements and polls to be sent.  Choose between manual scheduling (where the time is set but you still have to manually send it) or automated scheduling (where the poll or announcement will be sent at the pre-scheduled time). You can find out more about scheduling polls and announcements here.

Want to start using polls and templates to engage your digital community even more, but not sure where to start?  Check out our poll templates and announcement templates.

Camera and Mic Permissions Update

You asked, and we listened!  We’ve updated the way we process camera and microphone permissions so that you only have to give permission once, instead of for both the lobby and the auditorium.   

Event Creation Fix

Previously, adding recurring events wouldn’t show an event card for future events.  We’ve solved the issue so that you can easily see all of your upcoming events in one place.

Phantom Android Users Fix

We discovered that Android users sitting in a row and then leaving were not removed from the row, leaving “phantom users” in events.  This bug has been resolved, so your events won't appear to have those Android users that aren’t actually there.