August Product Roadmap


We want your Altar Live experience to be seamless and efficient. With our new onboarding process you can now, simply sign up for Altar Live by adding: 

  • Your name
  • Password
  • Community name

Community Dashboards

You now have the ability to create events and meetings, enter personal meeting rooms that can serve as a virtual office, and learn about ways to boost your online engagement

Personal Meeting Rooms

Personal Meeting Rooms are perfect for a virtual office, daily prayer meetings, or other meeting rooms. On your Community Dashboard, you can set up personal meeting rooms for all of your individual staff or for a standing event.  

Meetings and Rooms for Mobile 

Now meetings and rooms are available on mobile devices! Attend and host meetings from any device. 

Free Trial 

Try full feature access! You can now have a 14 day free trial to explore all of Altar Live’s game-changing features before signing up for a subscription. 

Subscription Page 

Now you can select and investigate different Altar Live plans and access billing information by going to your Subscription page. 

Uploaded file size increased to 5 GB

Pre-recorded file size is now up to 5 GB! No more worries about not having enough space for all your video files.

Play Video Screen 

Play Buttons are here! Now, when you enter an event you will see a “Start Watching” button. The button is located in the center of the screen for clear visibility. Click on the button to enable sound and video.