Those Pesky Bugs

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Website Input 

Altar Live is devoted to creating communities for churches. Now, when you create a new Altar Live Community, you have the opportunity to add your organization website URL. This will ensure accessibility and smooth onboarding process. 


Switching from the Lobby to an Event can be confusing to new attendees. Now when a host chooses to move everyone in the Lobby back to the Event, there will be a counter in the top of the screen that will count down and alert attendees to where they are going. 

Watch Party for iOS users 

Joining a watch party or table? Now when Android users join a watch party they will see iOS users clearly on their screen and be free to engage and interact with each other.

Android Screens

Ready to connect and engage? We fixed screens and now all Android users will freely be able to turn their camera on and off with no issues. 

Deleted Event Page 

If an Event has been deleted and an Android user joins, now, they will see a screen to indicate the Event has been deleted to avoid any confusion.

“Login Required” Page

Anonymous users are required to log in an “Invite Only” event, to ensure security. Now Android users will see a screen to let them know logging in is required.