Mobile apps are released!

Spring is here and so are the long-awaited mobile apps! Online engagement should be delightful, that’s why we’ve designed frictionless and intuitive apps so your community can join your events on any device. Head to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store today to try them out for yourself.

Stephanie Antonucci Leathe

April 3, 2021

Download iOS app

Download Android app

Engage with your community

Create or join watch parties with people on any device to be able to see and talk with another naturally, while you worship together. Join a worship service or event with one click. No need to download any software, plugins or extension.

Take a seat with someone else

Before and during a service or event, online participants can click on the seat view to find people to “sit with”. When you click on a seat, you are joined into a watch party with the other participants in that row.

Move between tables in the lobby

Enjoy having organic conversations with people online! The lobby allows online participants to move freely between tables with one another. People can see who is seated, and chose to join a table to join or invite someone to sit with them. Joining a table allows members to seamlessly jump into a video-conference session together. Users can easily talk and see one another, with their video camera on or off.

Chat with other participants

Use both the general chat channel to talk with all participants, or send someone a direct message.

See who else is online

See who else is at church today. See the names of everyone who joins to find someone you know or someone you invited.

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