Microphone and Camera Improvements

Choose Camera Permissions before a Meeting 

You want your attendees to feel like they are in control when joining any gathering on Altar Live. Now, whenever you join a Meeting, you have the option to join with your camera on or off. This gives agency and provides an even more comfortable experience.

Update on Streaming Options for Resi Customers

For all you Resi users out there! To get the best Resi stream in Altar, use a .m3u8 link for a seamless live streaming experience. We are no longer supporting .mpd links.

See the Email and Admin status on member selector pop up 

Assigning Volunteers to an Event? Now, selecting hosts and team members is easier than ever. During the Event and Meeting creation flow, when you select people from the Members popup you will now see the email and Admin status of each user to make it clear who you are adding!

Microphone and Camera is off by default when taking a seat

You asked and we updated this! Now when your people take a seat in a row or at a table, their camera and microphone is off until they choose to turn it on. No more surprises when you realize your camera is on!

Recurring Event Series

SPLAT. That was the bug we just squished. Now when you set up a recurring event series, you will see multiple weeks created and scheduled, not just the first two weeks.