Updating Recurring Links

🔎 Swap out your iframe embed code

If you are using iframe embed code, we have a better way for you to ensure the highest-quality stream feed on Altar Live. Unfortunately, custom iframe embed code is not supported in mobile apps at the moment. Videos will not be synced on mobile devices if you use iframe embed code. But it's easy to connect your feed in a variety of other simple ways!

Learn more how connect your feed with the simple video URL:

Learn more about how to update to your feed with HLS (.m3u8) links:

Update your event URL

We have released an update to all Altar Live event links so that people who click on the events on their mobile phone will be directed to the app store first always. If you have a recurring series event, you will need to update the event link to the new one.

Why you should update your recurring links
Links from recurring events created before April 23, 2021 will still work on all devices, but won't open in mobile browsers, only in the Altar app.

How to replace your links
All recurring events past April 23, 2021 have the new event links already. All you need to do is copy the link from the Copy URL button and replace any links we've shared on your website or any other location.

Here are three ways to find the event links:

On Event Card

You can copy the URL from the event card by clicking on the three dots and then clicking the Copy URL when the event is published.

 In Edit Mode

You can copy the URL in the Edit mode. All you need is to click on the Edit button on the event card.

Once the Edit mode opened, you can copy the URL provided on the General Details step.

During a Live Event

You can copy the Event URL from in the ongoing live event by clicking on the Copy URL button in the upper right hand corner.

Anyone watching the event can copy the event link and share it: anonymous user, logged in members, and the host team.

Other Updates

We also made some improvements to the platform this week!

Vimeo & Facebook videos are will play automatically on mobile devices

Last week there was an issue with Vimeo and Facebook live video links not playing on mobile devices. We have resolved both issues, so Vimeo and Facebook live stream video should play automatically on mobile.

New countdown design

We've updated the countdown design! Details are important to us.