Seamless transitions

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2 Features • 2 Improvements

Some weeks we don't have as many updates to share because we are busy working on our next big releases behind the scenes. While this is a lighter week of updates, we did make some improvements to the flow of events in Altar Live.​

🎉 New Features

Banner countdown when Host moves everyone from Event to Lobby

To make the transition from the event to the lobby less abrupt, your online attendees will now see a 10 second countdown banner when the Host moves everyone from the Event to the Lobby.

The banner notification will appear for all online participants when the Host clicks Move Everyone to Lobby.

General chat is now enabled 60 minutes before the event begins

We've heard from many of you that you would have more peace of mind if people can't post to the General Chat until shortly before the event begins. Now, participants can only start posting in the General chat an hour before the event begins. This ensures your Host team doesn't have to worry about logging in before a Sunday service begins to find unwanted or random messages in the General Chat before the event actually begins.

Hosts and Greeters can send messages in the General Chat at any time still, even several days in advance. General participants won't be able to send messages until an hour before the event begins, and anonymous user still cannot send messages in the General Chat until they log in or sign up.

💪 Improvements

No longer required to add a profile picture when creating an account

Previously you may have heard from members trying to create a new account that they would get an error message if they didn't add a profile picture. We've removed this requirement.

Fixed error when inviting people with your community link

There should no longer be any error messages when someone tries to create an account with your community self-registration link.