Fine-tuning and Bug Fixes

Cursor Jumping 

We've finally squashed this bug completely! Thanks for your patience, we're excited to no longer see this bug happening.

YouTube sync issues

We've updated the logic of YouTube issues and all edge cases. When people join an event with a Live YouTube video feed, they will all join where the video is live - even if they refresh their page. When people join an event with a Pre-recorded or uploaded YouTube video feed, the video will be synced for everyone. The sync with calculated from the time that the Altar event is started.

Important note: Please use the right radio button option for your video. Do not put pre-recorded videos into the Live option, or vice version or the syncing will be messed up.

Host Notes 

 Using Host Notes is a great way to communicate with your hospitality team to ensure a successful event. This week, we increased the limit from 7,000 to 15,000 characters so you don’t have to worry about a character limit! 

Cannot update event error message 

If you experienced their error while trying to create an event or update an event, we've now resolved it!