Ready, set, chat!

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2 Features • 3 Improvements 

Let the chorus of "good mornings" and "amen's" flow! You now have a way to communicate to everyone on the event in one general chat channel. Chat also got some other updates and bug fixes this week:

  • Tool tips show you what buttons do
  • Cursor jumping is resolved
  • Spinning wheel in chat is gone
  • Live stream errors were addresses

🎉 New Features 

General Chat Channel

Previously, you could only message other users online through direct message or by creating group messages. Now everyone can communicate with one another, say hello, share thoughts, or ask questions. 

Here's some things you could send as a chat message:

  • Welcome everyone & give instructions
  • Say hello
  • Share a prayer request
  • Ask a question
  • Post a link to your Giving page or a registration form
  • Let everyone know they have a couple minutes left in the Lobby before you move them to the Event
  • As always, we balance accessibility and security on the platform. Anonymous users can see all the messages in the General Chat channel but cannot send messages until they log in or sign up.

Tool Tips

It's easier to understand which buttons do what! Hover your mouse over a button and you can now see what it does before clicking on it.

💪 Improvements 

Cursor jumping

Your cursor should no longer jump when multiple users sent messages at the same time.

Chat spinning wheel

When anonymous users click on messages, they should no longer receive a spinning wheel randomly.

Live stream error

Live stream error messages for some users as they watch the live stream feed should be resolved.