Polls, Announcements, and More!

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Announcements are now live! Just like common features you might be used to like Moments in Church Online Platform or All Attendee Announcements in Zoom, you now communicate to everyone on the event in new ways. During events, meetings, and services, you can send out three different kinds of announcements: panel, modal, and notification type.

  • Panel announcements appear  on the right side of the screen for easy access. 
  • Modal announcements will pop up in the middle of the screen for easy visibility and to prevent attendees from missing important messages. 
  • Notification announcement option will appear in the little icon on the right side panel. 

On all announcements, you can customize them by adding buttons and links for events, donations, and more! 



Polls are here! Polls are a great way to start conversations and engage with attendees. From asking people which ice cream flavor they like better to what book of the Bible should be covered in a small group, the possibilities are endless! The poll feature is located on the right side of the screen. You can easily fill out the information, add answer options and choose whether you want the attendees to see the answers. 


RTMP Connection

Direct RTMP connection has arrived! You can now make Altar Live a stream destination via RTMP when you set up a new event in Altar Live. 

Ability to Relay to Facebook from YouTube 

Multi-streaming is now possible! You can now paste your RTMP link into the YouTube and Facebook section and it will allow you to multi stream through the stream provider of your choice as well as archive the recording on Facebook and YouTube.