Altar Live's multi-streaming feature allows you to distribute your live stream to other platforms at the same time as Altar Live. Below you will find instructions on how to find RTMP information for popular platforms.

In order to multi-stream to multiple destinations, you will need to connect your video feed to Altar Live via RTMP from your stream provider (i.e. OBS, Wirecast, Zoom, etc).

Multi-Streaming Destinations



How to Multi-Stream

Step 1. Sign into Altar Live 

Step 2. Click on “create new event”.

Step 3. When you get to the Stream options, select the Live toggle option and choose Altar Live as your stream provider.

Note: To successfully connect the relay, you have to upgrade your subscription to a paid Engagement Plus plan.

Step 4. Select if you want to multi-stream to Facebook, YouTube or both. 

Step 5. Paste the URL and Stream Key from your Facebook or YouTube accounts into the corresponding boxes. If you need more help finding the URL and stream key for various platforms check out this article.

Step 6. Publish your event.

Troubleshooting Multi-Streaming with Altar Live

I had to stop my stream suddenly, why won't it re-connect?

Rapidly stopping/starting a stream can cause miscommunication between your livestream and the server. If you absolutely must stop/start a livestream, try waiting at least 30 seconds before either stopping and/or starting it again (even if nothing appears to change). This helps ensure smooth communication between your streaming software and the server.

Why will my livestream software not connect to Altar Live?

Here are some troubleshooting tips you can use if your livestream software is giving you error messages or not showing that it is connected to Altar Live:

  • Check your internet connection. This step might seem simple, but it's essential. Double-checking your current internet speed can also help you diagnose whether or not you're experiencing a temporary internet outage or lull that could be blocking the connection.
  • Double-check your stream URL and key. Well-intentioned streaming software sometimes adds additional characters to stream URLs and keys (sort of like spell-check but for streaming). Make sure both the stream key and URL in your software matches the stream key and URL you copied during event creation.
  • Reset your livestream studio software's settings and/or re-install. In some rare cases, there may be a setting or cached info blocking the connection. Consider making sure your software is up to date, resetting your software's streaming settings, or re-installing your software entirely.

Why does my livestream appear in the Altar player, but not the other destinations?

If your livestream isn't connecting to all your multi-stream destinations, here are some tips you can try:

  • Double check your destinations' stream URLs and keys. You can find more information about where these keys are located here.
  • Stop/start the stream again. Be sure to wait at least 30 seconds before stopping and/or starting the stream again. Because of the way YouTube and Facebook handle livestreams, you may also want to stop those streams as well and reconnect.

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