Bug Fixes and RTMP Issues Resolved

This week we spent time squishing some small bugs and ironing out some RTMP issues. Here’s what’s new and improved: ‍

Maeve Brooks

March 18, 2022

Space between Name and Time 

Good news! We fixed a small error in the chat feature so now there will be a space between your screen name and the time stamp. 

Field Overlap

If you saw overlapping texts and fields in the event creation process, we've now resolved it! 

RTMP Bug Fixes

We've been making some updates to RTMP streaming. Previously if two events were both in Ongoing status at the same time, the RTMP feed would stop working. We've fixed this now so that your RTMP isn't blocked no matter the live status of other events in your community.

Days on Community Landing Pages 

We noticed the Events on Community Landing Pages were not appearing under the correct date headers. If you experienced this, this bug is now fixed and every Event will be correctly labeled. 

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