New Year, New Features

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Download Member List 

Want to see who attended your event? Now, Admins and any Hosts assigned to an Event have the ability to download the list of logged in attendees after the Event has ended. The list can be easily downloaded and will include the member’s ID, first and last name, and email address. 

Website Crash Investigation

If you experienced any page refreshing Events this past week, this error was caused by the amount of requests the server was receiving. However, we worked to fix the issue and everything should be back to normal.

Chat with a member 

We fixed direct messaging! If you experienced not being able to send a message from the My Chats panel to another person, now you should be able to again. 

Delete Messages

We fixed the process of deleting messages. Now, Admins, Hosts and Greeters have the ability to delete other people's messages again.