New Meeting Features

Raise Hand 

Have something to say, but don’t want to interrupt? Now you can easily use the raise hand feature to politely alert the group you have something on your mind. The raise hand feature is perfect for staff meetings, seminars, classes and more. 


Add some fun to your next gathering and send some emojis. Our new emoji feature includes thumbs up, clapping hands, smiley face, surprised face, and more to send to your fellow attendees. And they make a noise! Send a smile to brighten their day or a clapping hands to show support. This feature is easy to use and perfect for all your bible studies, team meetings, prayer events, and more. 

Follow Me

Get excited for a new Host privilege! Now, Hosts have the ability to select the “Follow Me” option which allows Hosts to control everyone’s screen view. This feature is great when you’re sharing videos or visual aids with your small group and Bible study. 

Add Rooms to Meetings

Want bigger breakout rooms in Meetings? You can now add Rooms to all your Meetings! When you create a Meeting, you will now see the step “Set Up Your Space”. Not only can you use Tables (up to 4 at a time), but you can also add Rooms (up to 500 at a time) to use as breakout spaces.