Introducing Host Notes & Chat Fixes

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You asked, we delivered: Host Notes! This week we’ve been hard at work getting this helpful Host feature out the door and continuing to squash chat related bugs.

  • Host Notes
  • Chat issues

Host Notes

Keep all your Hosts on the same page - create a note with the order of service, a list of links to share, or prayer points to remember with our newest feature: Host Notes! During event creation or inside a live event, you can add and edit notes that only you Host team can see. Paired with our recent release of an automatically created Greeter Team Chat, your Hosts and Greeters will be able to communicate and run a service seamlessly.

Chat issues

Good news - we’ve resolved more of the causes for chat issues. There was a rate limit issue on chat which was one of the causes of the following issues you may have experienced:

  • The cursor jumping to the beginning of a chat message while you are typing
  • Inability to chat another user
  • The chat going blank and then coming back after refreshing
  • The entire page refreshing

We’re continuing to round the corner to completely getting rid of these issues!