Participating in a Meeting

Maeve Brooks

Maeve Brooks

Last Updated:
June 10, 2021

Once you are hosting or admitted into a meeting, there are many features you can use to make your meeting run smoothly. 

How do Meetings work?

  • Meetings can hold up to 50 attendees
  • Everyone can talk and hear each other
  • Participants can share their screen and audio
  • Everyone can have their own virtual background
  • Hosts have controls over all participant mics & cameras
  • Hosts can move all participants back and forth from Meeting to the Lobby for breakout groups
  • You can add multiple Hosts on Meetings
  • You can host simultaneous, parallel meetings with just your single Altar Live subscription

Participating in a Meeting as an Attendee 

Meetings are set up like most online meeting platforms. You have the ability to turn your camera and microphone on and off and share your screen. As an attendee you also have access to Polls and Chat where you can interact with fellow attendees. You can also add your own virtual background!

Participating in a Meeting as a Host

In Meetings, Hosts have all the same abilities as in Events. Hosts can send announcements to all attendees, create polls, and manage conversations in the General Chat.

Hosts can mute everyone’s microphone, disable cameras, share their screen and end the meeting for all. Hosts also can send everyone to and from the Lobby for participants to break out into smaller discussion groups.

What can a Host do?

  • Create and send announcements 
  • Mute everyone’s microphone 
  • Disable cameras
  • Move everyone to and from the Lobby 
  • Name tables in the Lobby
  • End event for all 

How to add a Virtual Background

Need to hide your background? In a Meeting, you can now change your background to blurry or a nice sunset on the beach.

Step 1. During a meeting, click the three dots icon at the bottom of the screen

Step 2. Click Select Background and you will be able to upload a background of your choice

Step 3. Choose a background.

NOTE: If you are using a Mac and the background options do not appear, go to View and select Zoom out

Step 4. If you want to upload a background, click the plus icon to access your images

Step 5. Add your desired image

Step 6. Click Apply and your background will be uploaded!

How to move participants to breakout tables

Meetings have a Lobby, just like Events. The host does not need to assign people to them beforehand. Tables allow attendees to choose where they want to sit, and switch from one breakout to another at any time. Hosts can give tables a name to help orient people, or let attendees self-organize.

Step 1: As a Host, click on the Host Options drop down menu.

Step 2: When you're ready to move all participants to the Lobby, click Move Everyone to Lobby.

Note: Attendees will not automatically be seated at tables when you move from Meeting to Lobby.

Step 3: As a Host, when you're ready to move everyone back to the Meeting, click the Host Options drop-down menu. Click on Move Everyone Back to Meeting.

How to name tables in the Lobby of a Meeting

Hosts can name tables in the Lobby of a Meeting before or during a Meeting.

Step 1: Once a Meeting is published, enter the Meeting as a Host.

Step 2: Click on the Host Options drop down menu and click Move Everyone to Lobby.

Step 3: Once you're in the Lobby, click on the numbers on each table tile to open the table editor.

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