Introducing the Analytics Dashboard!

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The Analytics Dashboard now allows you to monitor many metrics at once, so you can quickly check the overall engagement on events and meetings and see the correlations between different reports. The Dashboard also allows you to download reports that are easy to create, customize and share.

You can update the Dashboard to show data from the past week, year, month or a custom date range.

Note: Attendance and analytics data from events and meeting can take up to 24 hours to display on the analytics dashboard.

Overall Engagement

This section will show you the sum of attendees across all events and meetings during selected data range:

  • All Attendees
  • Logged In Users
  • Anonymous Users

Note: Anonymous users were not counted by the system until June XX, 2022. Unfortunately, Altar's analytics will not include data on anonymous visitor before this date.

New Users & Returning Visitors

This section will show you the number of people who created a new account and number of returning anonymous visitors who have come to more than one event during the selected date range. These statistics are helpful for measuring how many people are moving from anonymous to known, and choosing to create an account.

Events & Meetings Top List

This section will show you the top list of events and meetings attended during selected date range. You can easily see the most attendees events and meetings and their total attendance from this section.

Engagement Reports

This section will allow you to download reports from the selected data range. There are three types of reports you can download:

  • Attendees list: Total number of attendees that have attended all events & meetings during the selected date range
  • Analytics report: List of new users who created an account in the selected date range
  • Events & meetings top list: all events and meetings in the selected range and the attendance of each one

Other Updates

The Analytics Dashboard isn't the only thing that's new! We released updates to improve member privacy, give more control to the Hosts, and make creating announcements & polls easier.



  • Allow members to delete their own account
  • Choose default state of attendee's camera/mic when they join Event
  • Polls and Announcements are copied into Draft state on duplicated Events

Polls and Announcements are copied into Draft state on duplicated Events

We've made it easier for you when duplicating events with polls and announcements. Now when you duplicate an event, the polls and announcements will be copied into Draft state in the new event. For example, if a poll was published in the original event, it will be duplicated in the new event as a draft. This will give your Hosts more convenient options!

Allow members to delete their own account

To ensure privacy and data compliance rules, each logged-in user is now able to delete their own user account. To delete your account, click on your profile picture and edit your profile. the entire account record, along with associate personal data, will be permanently deleted after 24 hours. This functionality is available on Web, iOS and Android devices.

Choose default state of attendee's camera/mic when they join Event

If you want more control over your attendees camera and microphone options when they first take a seat, check under General Details! When creating an Event, on the General Details step you now have the option to select whether a user's camera or microphone is defaulted off or on when taking a seat for the first time.