New Host Features and Seating Fixes

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As the new year fast approaches, we want to equip you with a few new features to make online church engagement even smoother than before. Now you can quickly move your attendees from room to room, and upload your pre-event slides with ease!

2 New Features - 3 Bug Fixes and Updates

  • New Host Movement Controls
  • Pre-Event Slide Arrangement
  • Same Camera/Mic permissions for the Auditorium and Lobby
  • Monthly Event Creation Fix
  • Phantom Android Users Fix

New Host Movement Controls

Attendees in Altar Live can move between an auditorium, lobby, or room. And just like a traditional event space, sometimes they get lost along the way. Now, hosts can move all attendees to the auditorium, to a table view, to a room view, or even to a particular room - making transitioning between spaces even easier for both you and your attendees.

Pre-Event Slide Arrangement

Uploaded your pre-event slides in the wrong order? No worries! Now you can easily drag and drop your slides to whatever order you like. (Haven't tried uploading pre-event slides before? Give it a go, it's a great way to customize your event to your community! Check out this article to learn more.)

Camera and Mic Permissions Update

You asked, and we listened!  We’ve updated the way we process camera and microphone permissions so that you only have to give permission once, instead of for both the lobby and the auditorium.   

Lobby Table Movement Fix

Previously, if a user was seated at a table in the lobby and a host moved everyone to the auditorium, the user would move to see the event screen but still remain "seated" in the lobby. Now a user seated at a table at the time of moving will be removed from their seat and placed in the auditorium.

Phantom Android Users Fix

We discovered that Android users sitting in a row and then leaving were not removed from the row, leaving “phantom users” in events.  This bug has been resolved, so your events won't appear to have those Android users that aren’t actually there.

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